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One Pattern… EIGHT sizes!

– All zippered compartments are totally separate & individual.
– Interior mesh pockets & elasticized slots keep items organized and easy-to-locate.
– PERFECT for organizing & traveling with cosmetics, toiletries, sewing items, tech gear or toys for kids!

FOUR Single-Zip Packlets

FOUR Single-Zip Packlets

a Long one – 9.5″wide X 4″tall X 2″
a Wide one – 9.5″wide X 4″tall X 4″
a Tall one – 8″wide X 6.5″tall X 2″
a Short one – 6.5″wide X 4″tall X 2″

Four Double-Zip Packlets

Four Double-Zip Packlets

a Long one – 9.5″wide X 4″tall X 3″
a Wide one – 9.5″wide X 4″tall X 6″
a Tall one – 8″wide X 6.5″tall X 4″
a Short one – 6.5″wide X 4″tall X 4″

Color Pictorial Helps…are just a click away!

Click on the links below to access a few color pdf’s
that might be helpful during the following construction steps!

We used fabrics from Ann Lauer’s “Cat-i-tude“ collection to

create many of the beautiful cover samples for our Packlets pattern.

Just click HERE

for more information about these
or any of the other wonderful bag fabrics we currently carry!

Go back in time with us & see how the Packlets pattern was conceived & developed!

Including insider info about the fabrics we used for each sample!
Come along on the creative journey with us by clicking each link individually.

8/21/18 – Inspiration Strikes
9/7/18 – The Prototype
9/11/18 – The Gorilla Sample
9/17/18 – The First Two of Four
9/20/18 – The Last Two of Four
9/24/18 – The Long Ones
10/4/18 – The Wide Ones
10/8/18 – The Short Ones
10/11/18 – The Tall Ones
10/15/18 – Put it on my Tab
10/19/18 – Hold the PUL Puhl-ease
10/22/18 – The Packlets Pattern Cover
10/25/18 – The Packlets Pattern Release

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