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About Me

21 Things You Might Not Know About Me

1. I make pizza EVERY Sunday night… without fail.
2. I have no patience with people who are late.
3. I’m not much of a cook, but I’ve been told by many that my chocolate chip cookies are to die for.
4. I’m one of the original ‘Young & Restless’ fans. I’ve been watching it since college.
5. I’m not a morning person. As a matter of fact I do my best work after lunch, or better yet, after supper.
6. I have chronic allergies & cats of all things are one of the things I am MOST allergic to.
7. I love the smell of coffee, but as hard as I’ve tried to like it, I can’t stand the taste.
8. I’m a Project Runway junkie- can’t get enough!
9. I have a pathological fear of falling.
10. I’m a die-hard Yankees fan. Even named my cats Jeter & Joba after two of my favorite players. If I can talk the hubster into a third cat, I’ll name him Mo!
11. I once had a hamster that was so tame that I carried him most everywhere I went in the pocket of my coat. and nope… most of the time, my mom didn't know.
12. My all-time favorite movie is ‘Lord of the Rings’… it’s also my favorite book.
13. I don’t use condiments of ANY kind, BUT, I’ve gotta have my salt!
14. I’m terrified of spiders… I mean “scream-your-guts-out” scared of spiders.
15. I was an AAU-level swimmer as a kid & won the 16 & under freestyle title for the state of Connecticut as a 14 year old.
16. I’ve never mowed a lawn… ever.
17. I tore the ACL in my right knee playing powder-puff football, & the one in my left knee trying to beat out a bunt to 1st base… then I hung up my cleats.
18. I’ve made very few clothing items that I really enjoy wearing. There’s always fitting issues that I just can’t seem to fix.
19. I prefer my chocolate dark, my bacon crispy, my popcorn buttered and my tea hot.
20. I’m an obsessive list maker… I even saved many of them on my hard drive for future use.
21. My idea of a perfect day is any day I get to see my grandchildren. The more time I get to spend with them, the better!

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