PPC25: Cranes Revisited

So.... This will be the last bag sample we show you in the run-up to the release of this new ...
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PPC25: Gustav in Blue

So... it's been a while since our last post in this series, but now that the 1st draft of the ...
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PPC25: SeaGlass

So... following our last post I told you that I felt confident enough about this design that I felt it ...
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PPC25: Celestial Magic

So... in our last post, the sample that I showed you was pretty much representative of what the final design ...
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PPC25: Psycho Cats

So... in our last post, I showed you some pretty big changes I made to this new design, but after ...
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PPC25: With a Flourish

So... in our last post I showed you the "gorilla sample" for what will eventually be our next pattern design. ...
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PPC25: Gorilla Time

So... if you remember from our last post in this series, I was so happy with our 1st prototype that ...
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PPC25: Prototyping

So... in our last post in this new Purse Pattern Chronicles series I shared with you my inspiration for this ...
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