Goodbye Virginia Beach…Hello Houston!

So… I guess its inevitable that every now and then we’ll have a trade show that’s shall we say…. challenging! Unfortunately such was the case last month when we traveled to Virginia Beach for the very first Quiltweek ever held by AQS in that location. So before I get into the negatives, let me first…

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15 Years of StudioKat Designs: 3 Things I Appreciate!

So… in a recent post I told you that 2018 will be our 15th year in business as an independent pattern designer and purveyor of custom zippers & hardware and since I’m grateful to be a entering this big anniversary year as a small business owner, I’ve created a three-part series about the 15-things I’ve…

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PPC18: The Packlets Pattern Release

So… in our last post we revealed the completed pattern cover for our THIRD new pattern of 2018, Packlets, and while it’s been a lot of fun, we’re closing the book as of today on this… our 18th edition of Purse Pattern Chronicles! The Packlets webpage is now LIVE & you can get more information, see LOTS more pictures, & pick up…

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PPC18: The Packlets Pattern Cover


So…. Today I’m ready to show you the cover of our new pattern! But those of you who have been following our “Purse Pattern Chronicles” for a long time know that this is not our normal way of doing things, right? That’s because usually we have fun in the process of choosing our cover sample!…

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PPC18: Put it on my Tab!

Small pouches

So… Just when I thought I pretty much had the Packlets design down pat… a not so funny thing happened!It became frighteningly apparent to me that something HAD to change about this design, and that something was the strap! Now I know this may be disappointing news to some of you, but believe me, it’s for the…

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PPC18: The Tall Ones

So… in recent posts I’ve shown you six of the eight little bags that will eventually be part of our next pattern release. We’ve shown you the “Long Ones“, the “Wide Ones” and most recently, the “Short Ones“, and today we’re going to show you the last two sizes to be included in this pattern…

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PPC18: Hold the “PUL” Puhlease

Sew line

So… you might remember that early on in the process of designing our new Packlets pattern, I mentioned that it might be a good idea to apply fabric laminate to the lining, particularly if you thought you might use your little pouch to carry makeup or toiletry supplies. My thinking was that the laminated lining would aid…

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PPC18: The Short Ones

So… we’re halfway along in the process of showing you the EIGHT different “looks” that will ultimately be available in our next new pattern offering which will hopefully be available in time to make a grand debut at the International Quilt Market in Houston, TX this November. And here’s the exciting part… if we hit…

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PPC18- The Wide Ones

So… in our last post I showed you the first duo in what will eventually be a 4-duo set of storage/travel bags, and the first accessory pattern we’ve produced since the Porta-Pockets PLUS Purse Insert in 2012! So let me give you the quick tour! Since we had affectionately termed the bags in our last post as “The Long Ones”, it…

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