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Quilt Market

Help! There’s a Gorilla in My Booth!

So... Years ago, Samsonite had an ad campaign involving a gorilla. The ad implied that airport luggage attendants were extremely ...
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Our Goals for 2014

So... in our last post in this series, we discussed some of the things that worked well for us in ...
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Our Quilt Market Display- Shakin’ It UP!

So... in just a few short weeks we'll be back in Houston for the Fall version of the International Quilt ...
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Booth Evolution: 2013 Style

So... with the Guardian release finally in our rear-view mirror, I feel like I can finally take my eyes off ...
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Ask Kat: Wholesale or Retail Show? What’s the Difference

(This post is part of a new series we’ve started in an attempt to publicly answer some of the mostly ...
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