On Stockpiling

So... some folks call it hoarding, but stockpiling is a WAY nicer word, don't you think?  Either way, it's thought ...
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Product Review: Spoonflower

So... I think I've mentioned (several times) during the run-up to the Gemini FlightBag that I had a difficult time ...
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Bag Exterior Issues: It’s all in the Planning

So... have you ever noticed how some bag exteriors just seem to effortlessly come together? Maybe its because they have ...
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My FIVE Worst Business Decisions

So... recently I told you about the six best decisions we made for our business, but here's the deal... if ...
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Changing it Up for AQS Virginia Beach

So... it's been five months since our last retail show which was in Paducah, KY, and you might remember from ...
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My 4 Favorite Fabric Designers

So... there's quite a few things I've figured out after almost 15 years in this business, but one of the ...
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Ask Kat: Can I Substitute Soft & Stable for Fusible Fleece

So… Here’s another question we get asked more and more frequently of late… “Can I substitute Soft & Stable for ...
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Ask Kat: Why Don’t You Include Fabric in your Kits

So… Here’s a question we hear on a regular basis. They’ve seen a bag they like on our site and ...
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The Makeover of a Singer

So... A little while back I did a little post featuring some featuring some uniquely embellished sewing machines that I ...
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