PPC20: Another Serving of Cork, Please!

So... you might recall that recently I tried my hand at using cork as the exterior material for one of ...
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Different creative bag designs

The Gateway Testing Round

So... It's that time again! It's time to show you what our testers created in the process of testing our ...
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A Cork Experience

So... when it gets close to Quilt market time it's not at all uncommon for us to get requests from ...
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PPC20: The Gateway Pattern Release

So... in our last post in this series we revealed the completed pattern cover for our first new pattern of ...
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The Gateway materials list

PPC20: Revealing the Gateway Pattern Cover

So... in our last post we had a little fun letting YOU be the designer and choosing which of our ...
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GateWay bags

PPC20: Choosing the Gateway Pattern Cover

So... with yet another pattern almost in the books, it's time to choose the ONE bag sample that best represents ...
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Hip bag in purple

PPC20: More is More

So... in our last post I told you that we're pretty close to being able to release this pattern (the ...
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Safari cross bag

PPC20: Safari With Me

So... in our last post we showed you a beautiful black sample matched with our brand new solid gold zippers. ...
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Details of our dragonfly hip bag

PPC20: Dragonflies

So... in our last post I showed you yet another of the bag samples that have the potential to wind ...
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Environmental design on our bag

PPC20: Terrarium

 So... in our last post we started showing you the show bags that will eventually choose between for our pattern ...
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