PPC20: More is More


in our last post I told you that we’re pretty close to being able to release this pattern (the GateWay) except for the incredibly frustrating payment platform problems we’ve been going through this summer. As a matter of fact this is probably the last sample we’ll be showing you before we make that all-important decision… choosing the cover model for the pattern cover! So let’s get started, OK?

For this sample I went back to an old standby for us! When in doubt we always go back back to what’s worked for us in the past, and this case that would be Paula Nadelstern! This amazing fabric is from her “More is More” collection and is was great to work with!
And actually, if you’ll look closely at the way the gate rings are arranged on this sample… this is the way I prefer to arrange them when i carry this bag as a shoulder bag OR a cross-body bag. I like to hook the “back” gate ring to a Side Link and the “front”gate ring to a top clip link. I think it gives the bag more stability regardless of how its loaded.
And here’s an interior shot of the Zip Pouch. I purposely designed this pouch wider than usual so it would accommodate even the widest of wallets.
And we call the area between the Zip Pouch and the Bag Back the Secret Niche area and its perfect for keys, sunglasses, lipstick or other items you want quick access to!
This photo gives you a good idea of what the Bag Back looks like. The zippered pockets is bag width wide and its perfect for storing your passport, a credit card caddy, or anything else you kept safe and secure against your body! And I know I gave out this info in the past post but it bears repeating, the dimensions of this bag are: 9″ wide X 6″ tall X 2.75″.
And by now you know that all it takes is a simple switcheroo of the Gate Rings to convert this bag from a cross-body to a hip bag, but the one thing I still can’t give you a straight answer about is the release date for the GateWay! BUT— I’m pleased to finally be able to say that things are starting to look up for us. After a summer full of setbacks and more disappointments than I can enumerate, it’s actually starting to look like our new website MIGHT go live sometime this weekend! YIPPEE!

So there you have it!

This will be the last sample we’ll show you prior to the release of the GateWay which only means one thing… the next post in this series will be one of my perennial favorites! Because you know the drill, I always like to let YOU play “designer” and tell me which bag sample YOU would choose to place on the pattern cover if it were YOUR decision to make! So stay tuned for that coming up in the next few days!

And please be aware…

In order for our new website to go live, we have to “re-direct” our web address to the new site. This can take 24-48 hours to accomplish which means we’ll actually be offline until this procedure is complete.


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  1. EVELYN on September 14, 2019 at 3:08 pm

    I love the fabric…but…it’s a little overpowering in a small bag. It would be great as carry on luggage. No one would ever get theirs mixed up with yours. Just my opinion, but your asked. I love the design and look forward to the release of the pattern, Hope you get your payment platforms issues resolved. I’m sure that has be a cause for much frustration.