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Soft and Stable Business Card Studio Kat Designs

Ask Kat: Can I Substitute Soft & Stable for Fusible Fleece

So… Here’s another question we get asked more and more frequently of late… “Can I substitute Soft & Stable for ...
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Closeup shot of black zipper Studio Kat Designs

Ask Kat: Why Don’t You Sell Your Zippers to Distributors

So… Here’s a question we hear on a regular basis, especially at shows. It goes something like this…. A customer ...
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Studio Kat Designs HD buckles on a surface

Ask Kat: Will You Add a NEW Color to Your Hardware Line

So… here’s a question we get asked on a somewhat regular basis, especially when we’re vending at retail shows…. “Will ...
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Two bags by Studio Kat Designs on the table

Ask Kat: How Easy is it to Alter a Pattern?

So… This is a question we’re often asked. A customer loves our bag design BUT, wishes it were smaller…larger… had ...
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A woman wearing a blue top and wondering

Ask Kat: How Difficult are Your Patterns?

So… Here’s a question we get asked on a regular basis, particularly at shows, and it goes something like this. ...
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Pattern Design Collage Studio Kat Designs

Why Does it Take SO Long to Publish a New Pattern?

So…here’s the way it usually goes… I’ve been working on a new bag design for few weeks. I’ve tweeked the ...
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Studio Kat Designs Bag and a Pouch

So You Wanna Be a Tester?

So… in a recent post we showed you the bags that our testers created in the process of “test-driving” our ...
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Fabric Features by Studio Kat Designs

Ask Kat: About Pattern Layout Instructions

So… sometimes folks question us as to why we do not include any layout directions in our pattern package. There ...
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Studio Kat Designs Five different bags

Ask Kat: Do You Ever have a Sample Sale

So… As you might imagine, we get inquiries about selling our handbag samples on a regular basis. So I thought ...
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A magnet and a card by Studio Kat Designs

Ask Kat: Will Purse Magnets Damage My Credit Cards?

So… this is a common concern for many of our customers. After all, there’s quite a bit of misinformation circulating about ...
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