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Archive for February 2019

Not ALL Zippers are Created Equal

So… there’s a very important difference between these two zippers. Yep- one has printed zipper tape and a nice pull and the other does not, but that’s not what I’m referring to… There’s something else different about these two zippers that’s not quite so apparent! That’s because the zipper on the left is a locking…

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PPC19: The Gorilla Prototype Sample

So… in our last post I told you a bit of what I had in mind for our next pattern design and showed you the original sketches. And here’s the deal… if you’re a fan of our Purse Pattern Chronicles series, then you know that normally what’s next on our agenda is a sample “prototype”, which is…

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This Year’s “Road” Show

So… with this year’s Road to California show in the books, its time to let you know how it went, and to be honest  we can sum up the entirety of the show in one single word, and that would be… AWESOME… totally AWESOME! First of all, when we walked into the Convention Center on…

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PPC19: Inspiration & Sketchwork

So… it’s a new year and it feels like its LONG past time to get back into a routine, which for us means starting work on a new bag design! Yep, that means we’re looking down that long road that eventually culminates in a brand new bag pattern! It’s exciting, and scary, and fraught with…

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