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Archive for June 2017

PPC15: Like an Egyptian

So… in our last post in this series we showed you our new Flaptastic Bag all dressed up in some eye-popping Peggy Toole fabric and for this sample I chose a quieter, more neutral palette to play with. (I’ll tell you much more about this fabric at the bottom of the post.) The reason that this fabric intrigued me so…

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PPC15: Peg o’ my Heart

So… upon completion of our last sample & post in this series, it quickly became apparent that we were finished with the pattern-tweeking & making portion of this new design, which means its time to make some official “show samples” from which we can eventually choose our cover model! So let me show you my latest!…

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My 12 Favorite Customer Bags EVER!

So… I just recently realized that we had a significant anniversary last month and it’s definitely worth observing AND celebrating! It actually was the NINTH anniversary of our “Handbag of the Month” contest. It’s hard to believe and its been such a fun ride. I truly enjoy seeing ALL the pictures we receive, so keep…

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PPC15: Kaleidoscopes Galore

So… as of our last post in this series, we were pretty much done making major changes and improvements in our new design for Fall 2017. Yeah, there were still a few notch placements to tweek, and a few places I wanted to experiment with procedure, but overall I knew it was time to stop sewing…

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PPC15: With an Ethnic Flair

So in our last post in this series, I showed you the “Gorilla sample” for this our 15th cycle of Purse Pattern Chronicles, which means I not only carried it everywhere I went for a week or so, but that I was also ROUGH with it. Did I stomp on it or sling it across the…

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SIX Ways to Create a Stand Out Bag Exterior!

If you’re in the process of working out the details of the bag you want to submit to the 2018 Road 2 California Bag Challenge, then it’s pretty good bet that you’ll be interested in figuring out a way to make YOUR bag stand our from all the rest of the entries, right? And in…

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