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Archive for May 2017

PPC15: Migration

So… in our last post in this series, I showed you the “gorilla sample” for our new pattern for Fall 2017. And you might recall that while I was fairly pleased it, there were actually some significant changes I wanted to make in this go-round. But first things first… here’s the sample I created for this…

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Ask Kat: Will You Add a NEW Color to Your Hardware Line

So… here’s a question we get asked on a somewhat regular basis, especially when we’re vending at retail shows…. “Will you ever add another color option to your hardware line, besides just gold or nickel?” The most common color requests?  Based on what we hear, the most popular colors that we do NOT carry at…

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PPC15: The Gorilla Sample

So… in our last post in this series I showed you the prototype sample for our new design for Fall 2017! And you know what? Here’s something I’ve noticed in the past year or so…. it takes me SO much less time to get from the “prototype stage” to the gorilla sample than it used to, and that’s a…

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PPC15: The Prototype

So… since we showed you the original sketches for our new design in our last post, that means NOW it’s time to show you our first prototype, but before we get started let me remind you of a few things! First off- This is NOT a complete bag. It’s more like a shell of a bag. There’s…

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PPC15: The Sketchwork

So… in our 1st post in this, our 15th cycle of Purse Pattern Chronicles, I told you that I was kinda surprised to see that it’s actually been TEN cycles since we’ve released a true handbag pattern. And by that I mean a shoulder bag that’s not too big, but big enough to carry everything most women need…

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