Fortify Your Pattern Pieces for Longevity!

So... after a discussion about interfacing a few of weeks ago, alert reader Barb Fairlane sent me a in a ...
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Bag Exterior Issues: It’s all in the Planning

So... have you ever noticed how some bag exteriors just seem to effortlessly come together? Maybe its because they have ...
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PPC21: Working with Faux Leather

So... I decided right at the outset of the design process for the Side Slinger that this was the perfect ...
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We Needed a NEW Pin Banner

So... over 5 years ago I made a pin banner to house (and to show-off) my ever-growing show pin collection, ...
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Design of our bags

Great Project Photos- It’s Really NOT Hard!

So… we’re constantly receiving handbag pictures from our customers, and there’s very few things I like seeing in my Inbox ...
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Personalize Your Bag Interior with Elastic Slot Holders

So… if you ever used or created an wallet or a bag with elastic slot holders, then you know how ...
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Eight Ways to Improve your Fussy-Cutting

So… ever since we posted the pictures of our NY Skylines bag sample, we’ve had a LOT of questions about how ...
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SIX Ways to Create a Stand Out Bag Exterior!

If you’re in the process of working out the details of the bag you want to submit to the 2018 ...
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Covering Your Bag Strap (part 2)

So… in an earlier post, I showed you how to cover a plain nylon strap with fabric so that it coordinates ...
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Covering Your Bag Strap (part 1)

So… you’ve probably heard the saying that “the devil is in the details”, right? Well, when it comes to handbag-making, ...
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