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I love a Guy in a Tuxedo!

So... I was minding my own business at the Mid-Atlantic Quilt Festival in February when I noticed a very good-looking ...
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YADP: Our New Hire was a Walk-On!

So… there’s a new kitten in our house! And the thing is, even though we didn’t pick her and even ...
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Quilt Market & Festival 2017- the New Setup

So... we're back from Quilt Market & Festival and since I've had a bit of time (on that long ride ...
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On Diet & Exercise

So... I took BOTH of my cats to the vet at the same time a couple of weeks ago... ALL ...
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A “Studio Cat” Update

So... ever since Pippin joined us over a year ago, we've been fielding a LOT of questions, particularly at shows, ...
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All Play & NO Work

So... it's been a good long while since I provided you with an update on our new studio assistant Pippin, ...
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