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it’s been a good long while since I provided you with an update on our new studio assistant Pippin, and you know what? Even though our he’s adorable and easily the brightest, nuttiest and most affectionate kitten we’ve ever had, we had both totally forgotten what a total “time sink” a new kitten can be, probably because it’s been 8 years since we’ve had a kitten in the house! Actually, it’s a wonder I’ve gotten much of ANYTHING done since he took over our home in late July!

Skeptical? Well…let me give you just a little taste of what a typical morning is like around here!

From the moment those little green beady eyes open in the morning, he’s stalking one of us, either me, or the “big guy”.

He spends the better part of the morning trying to get us to play with him. The big guy has no interest in such foolishness, so I usually try to wear him out after breakfast. He enjoys jumping, chasing and retrieving all types of toys.

Somedays he burns up a good deal of energy just playing by himself!

Most days however, I’m not this lucky. When I go down to the studio to work, he’s on my heels doing everything he possibly can to be as disruptive as possible!

Because let’s face it… it’s pretty hard to concentrate on writing when THIS is going on!

I hate to admit it, but he has totally blown my best laid plans on more days than I care to remember!

And here’s the deal… The big guy and I have tried many ways to either confine or elude him in order to work (in my case) or sleep (in his case)… but no matter WHAT we do…

He finds us
EVERY time!

I tell him all the time that the only reason I put up with all of his shenanigans is because he’s just SO darn cute….

But it’s not true!

Because I know all too well that kittens are only kittens for a very short while and I can’t imagine trading him for ANYTHING!

(On the other hand, Joba might very well be willing to consider a trade!) But no worries, I get the deciding vote!


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