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Eye Candy for October ’22

September 28, 2022
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20 Ways to Maintain a Creative Lifestyle


Three Essential Mentors

Ask Kat / Business

Ask Kat: How did you get started in the Pattern Business?

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The End of an Era

Check out our Blog Archive! (below) by Studio Kat Designs

Studio Kat Designs

Ask Kat: How Do I Get Discount Coupons

So… it seems like hardly a day goes by anymore that I don’t get an email from someone inquiring as ...
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Studio Kat Designs

Ask Kat: How Easy is it to Alter a Pattern?

So… This is a question we’re often asked. A customer loves our bag design BUT, wishes it were smaller…larger… had ...
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Studio Kat Designs

Six Reasons I LOVE to Give Handmade

So… I’ve always enjoyed giving and receiving handmade gifts. When I think back on my most memorable experiences involving gifts, ...
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Studio Kat Designs

Rest in Peace

So... it doesn't seem like it was only one short month ago  we had to let you know that our sweet ...
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