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Archive for March 2019

PPC19- Swans

So… if you were with us for our last post in this series, then you know that for the most part we’ve solidified the features we’ll be including in our new pattern design. Oh it’s possible that somewhere along the way we’ll have a “EUREKA” moment or an overwhelming compulsion to change a feature, but unless or…

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PPC19- Stripe Adelic

So… in our last post I was pretty happy with most everything in our new design and was ready to start creating samples that could potentially be used as an eventual cover sample. First up– I pulled this totally AMAZING fabric from Paula Nadelstern out of my stash. My thinking that the focal print was the perfect…

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Our Take on the Mid-Atlantic Quilt Festival 2019

So… considering how happy we were with the way our new booth setup looked AND functioned at Road to California in January, you might be wondering why we would even consider changing it up? And you know what? You’d be SO RIGHT because we absolutely didn’t want to change ANYTHING about our Road2Ca booth setup!…

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PPC19: Dreamscape

So… in our last post I revealed our “gorilla” sample for this cycle of Purse Pattern Chronicles (the 19th to be exact) and discussed several important areas that needed change, both big and small as we move forward with the next sample. This time I utilized a totally dreamy border print which I’ll tell you more about at the…

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