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Archive for September 2018

Changing it Up for AQS Virginia Beach

So… it’s been five months since our last retail show which was in Paducah, KY, and you might remember from the Paducah show summary post that we had unveiled a brand new booth set up at that show and were relatively satisfied with it. So with that in mind, it would be logical to assume…

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PPC18: The Long Ones

So…. we’ve started a brand new edition of Purse Pattern Chronicles and since we’ve finished making our test samples and reasonably set on the design details for these little storage bags, it’s time to start planning and making our first complete set of true show samples! You might recall from our last post that this is going to be…

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PPC18: the Last Two of Four

So… in our last post I showed you the first two little bags in what I intend to be a set of four, all with two separate zippered compartments! We showed you the long sample and the wide sample in out last post and this time we’ll be showing you the short and the tall sample! And…

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PPC18: the First Two of Four

So… in our last post I showed you the “gorilla sample” for this new design and told you what I liked and didn’t like about it. And the next sample I made was a WIDER version (see at left in blue), and here’s the deal. This sample was a total disappointment to me… well almost. I can generally…

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PPC18: The Prototype

So… in our last post I told you about the inspiration for our next design which can be used as a tech gear bag or even a cosmetic case. We also showed you the original sketches. And now… I’m ready to show you the very first prototype I made! But first… remember that this is a prototype…

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