Ask Kat: How Do I Get Discount Coupons


it seems like hardly a day goes by anymore that I don’t get an email from someone inquiring as to how they can gain access to a discount coupon?

This is the typical scenario… They’re almost always visiting our website for the very first time. They’ve placed something in their shopping cart and then clicked on to the secure checkout site, and that’s when they spy the  coupon code box.


So they immediately either call me by phone, or they fire off an email inquiring as to how they can acquire a coupon code to use toward their first purchase. When I explain that we prefer using discount coupons as a way to reward customer longevity & loyalty, about 75% seem satisfied with that answer, especially when I explain how & where they can acquire a discount code.

What about the other 25% you might ask?

Well…they’re anything but silent, that’s for sure! For some reason many of them decide to “take us to school” on the proper usage of coupons. For example; some say we should be offering discounts freely as an incentive to try our products. A few actually think that our website should be run like an open-market system where they can literally bargain for the price they are willing to pay, and a few are so adamant that we’re doing it all wrong that they threaten to cancel their order if we don’t issue a discount code to them right then and there.

And with this in mind,

I thought it might be time to explain our discount coupon policy.

First off, we do NOT use discount coupons as incentives for 1st-time customers to buy our products. That’s what our FREE products are designed to accomplish. If you didn’t know we have free patterns and tip sheets for you to sample, you can check them out by clicking HERE.

We like to use discount coupons to reward customer longevity & loyalty and we have found these customers tend to be in one of two places… on our mailing list, our FaceBook page or BOTH!

So…if you’re interested “joining our conversation”, there’s actually

THREE ways to become “coupon-eligible”.

1) Join our Mailing List: With a readership now of over 21,500 you’ll be in good company and there’s a whole lot more to our newsletter than a bunch of ads for our products. If you’ve never checked it out before, click HERE for a sampling of what our newsletter is like, and if you’re ready to join us, just click HERE and fill out the online form!

2) Like us on FaceBook:  Our FaceBook community is vibrant, active and one of the largest in the sewing industry (in excess of 64,000 as of post time). When do we run a coupon? Well, you never really know… for example, we ran a 40% off coupon sale in early March of 2014 to celebrate crossing the 40,000 fan mark. Over and above that, we aim to keep you inspired and connected with other like-minded sewists by regularly posting items that we think you’ll like. Just click HERE to join us or to check out what our FaceBook page is like!

3) Enter our “Handbag of the Month” contest.  Yep, it’s that easy! Everyone who enters our contest gets a prize! The monthly winner gets a $25 virtual shopping spree and everyone else gets a 40% off discount coupon which can be used toward the regularly-priced pattern, zipper or notion of their choice. For more info about entering out contest, just click HERE.

So… there you have it!

I hope this serves to clear up any confusion about our discount program,
but if you still have questions,  please feel free to post them in the space provided below.

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  1. Nancee Tredway on September 27, 2021 at 7:06 pm

    The handbag of the month link does not exist.

    • Kat on September 27, 2021 at 8:07 pm

      I am aware of that Nancee, but perhaps you didnt notice that this post was written in 2014. 🙂