What We’re Not

So... have you ever noticed how sometimes it's just easier to describe yourself based on what you're NOT, rather than ...
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Ask Kat: How Do I Get Discount Coupons

So… it seems like hardly a day goes by anymore that I don’t get an email from someone inquiring as ...
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Add a Cross-Body Strap?… It’s EASY!

So… we recently started a new edition of Purse Pattern Chronicles, and if you’re not familiar with that series, we like ...
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Unzipped bags

Is Free an Expectation?

So... everybody loves getting something for FREE right? And you know what? I'm no exception! As a matter of fact, years ...
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Craft fuse

Ask Kat: What Interfacing Do You Recommend?

(Please be aware that this recommendation was revisited in early 2021 in view of the fact that new and improved ...
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