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Ask Kat: On Making Substitutions

So... I got this email today and because of its similarity to SO many others I've been receiving of late, ...
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Our Goals for 2020

So... in a recent post, I told you about some of the things that worked well for us in 2019, ...
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2019: What Worked & What Didn’t!

So... 2019 is almost over, so it’s time for us to sit down and do a long, hard, look at ...
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There’s a New Zip in Town!

So... one of my favorite things to do is to announce the release of a brand new zipper style and ...
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The New Website: After SIX Months, its STILL a Work in Progress!

So... in a recent post I told you why we had to drop everything in June and develop a new ...
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Quilt Market & Festival 2019: the Report

So... with the 2019 version of Quilt Market & Festival safely in our rear view mirror, its time to take ...
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Why We Left 2Checkout!

So... some but not all of you may know that we recently migrated over to a brand new website and ...
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Let’s Talk About Griping!

So... a couple of years ago I started the StudioKat Designs FaceBook Group page, it was my intention that this ...
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Addressing a Serious Issue

So… if I was to name the most annoying or frustrating part about having an online website/store it would actually ...
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When an Email “Hurts”

So… as you might suspect, we get a LOT of mail from customers. Sometimes a letter can make me laugh… ...
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