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Eight Reasons to Make Your own Bias Tape

(I get so many questions about bias tape… how do I make it, how do I get such a smooth finish etc. etc., so I thought it was LONG PAST time that I did a series devoted to bias-taping so…here’s the 1st in a three-post mini-series.) I can’t remember the last time I used store-bought…

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Ask Kat: Will Purse Magnets Damage My Credit Cards?

So… this is a common concern for many of our customers. After all, there’s quite a bit of misinformation circulating about the circumstances under which magnets can scramble the magnetic strip on credit cards, but you know what? I’ve been using magnetic closures in bags for years now and never EVER had a problem with a demagnetized credit card or hotel key, I’ve always…

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Ask Kat: About pdf Pattern Downloads

So… here’s a question we’re fielding more & more lately, particularly from our international customers. Oh, we’ve been hearing this request for years, but for some reason the appeals of late have seemed more frequent and more imploring, so I thought it might be in my best interest to more fully explain our point of view here. The subject…

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