Rest in Peace


it doesn’t seem like it was only one short month ago  we had to let you know that our sweet Jeter had suffered a decline in health and was having to step back from the business.

And now it’s with a heavy heart that we have to say that while Jeter did seem to enjoy a short rebound with a change in diet, he took a decidedly sharp turn for the worse over the Thanksgiving weekend. A subsequent x-ray and ultra-sound revealed a very large mass in his upper abdomen and some very suspicious spots on his lungs.

We could have opted for surgery, but in his weakened state (he’s now lost over half of his body weight) and given the size of the mass combined with his age, the doctor said that the prognosis was not optimistic at all. So… we made the dreaded decision to give him an easier way out and on Dec 3rd he passed quietly and peacefully from my arms into God’s.

I miss him terribly.

So rest in peace my sweet Jeter

Whenever I think of you, (and it will be often), I will remember you as being… always ready for fun – impossibly strong-willed – a patient listener -and a completely devoted & loving companion to the end.


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  1. Patricia Scott on February 20, 2020 at 7:38 am

    I’m just seeing this post, and trying to type through tears. Hugs to you…Godspeed, sweet Jeter.

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