Dealing With Rejection

So... most people think that because I run my own business out of my home that I get to work ...
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Showrooming: Does it Affect the Paper vs PDF Debate?

So... Several month ago I wrote a lengthy piece in answer to a question we field on a regular basis ...
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JoAnn’s Revisited

Way back in March of 2011, I wrote what has turned out to be a VERY popular post, SO popular ...
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Help! There’s a Gorilla in My Booth!

So... Years ago, Samsonite had an ad campaign involving a gorilla. The ad implied that airport luggage attendants were extremely ...
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If you SEE Something….

So... I guess it comes as no surprise that the issue of "Copyright" is VERY important to us...and to any ...
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Is Free an Expectation?

So... everybody loves getting something for FREE right? And you know what? I'm no exception! As a matter of fact, years ...
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Three Reasons I Don’t Teach

So… The more I’m out in the public eye, the more I’m asked about making personal appearances of various types.  ...
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The Problem with JoAnn’s

So... Here's A Call to Action! I don't know what the JoAnn's Fabric & Craft store near you is like, ...
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