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Setting the Tables for the “Road”

January 16, 2020
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Another Bag for the “Road”

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Ask Kat: On Making Substitutions

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January 2020 Eye Candy

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Our Goals for 2020

Informative Blog Posts by Studio Kat Designs

Road2Ca2016 Recap

So... We flew out to southern California a couple of weeks ago to vend for a second successive year at ...
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Life Without Jeter

So... many of you know that shortly after Thanksgiving last year I lost a very special buddy, but you know what? ...
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Addressing: a Serious Issue

So... you probably wouldn't be surprised to find out that every now and then we find there's an addressing issues ...
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PPC17: Familiar Skylines

So… in our last post last week, I showed you a beautiful Sling Along sample featuring stunning fabric from Katia Hoffman’s “Mystique” collection and ...
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