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February 3, 2023
Bella BiFold / Gemini FlightBag / Odyssey / pattern design / Side Slinger / Sling Along / Triple Play

Eye Candy for February ’23

pattern design / Sling Along / Strap Conversion for Sling Along

Something New for Something Old

Sewing Tips & Tricks / Tips & Tricks / Zippers

Working with Woven Zippers

Double Take / pattern design / PPC28 / purse pattern chronicles

PPC28: Color Talk

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Studio Kat Designs

PPC16: The Sketches

So… in our last post we told you all about the inspiration behind what will eventually be our new design for Spring ...
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Studio Kat Designs

PPC23: the Prototype

So... in our last post I told you about the inspiration for our next amd probably last new pattern of ...
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Studio Kat Designs

PPC15: Color Me Seuss

So…. in our last post in this series we showed you our new Flaptastic Bag in a sophisticated & elegant neutral palette, but for ...
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Studio Kat Designs

Ask Kat: Wholesale or Retail Show? What’s the Difference

(This post is part of a new series we’ve started in an attempt to publicly answer some of the mostly ...
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