International Quilt Festival ’21- the Destination Quilts


As I mentioned in the Quilf Festival Recap post, there were WAY fewer quilts in the display area of the 2021 International Quilt Festival than is normal! But please know that those that were there were ABSOLUTELY AMAZING! I guess it shouldn’t really be surprising, right? Because here’s the deal…we’ve gone 20 months without a major Quilt Show, so of course the quilt artists among us have been honing their skills at home during their respective times of isolation and the result was….

quite possibly the most stunning array of quilts I’ve ever seen in my life!

There’s were SO many in fact that I’ve had to separate them into two post. And here’s the fun part... “Destination Quilts” seemed to be a significant theme this year and SO many of the destinations represented were places that I’ve traveled to and loved!

Let me show you!

“Mont Saint Michel” – created by Linda Schmidt
a beautiful and inspiring destination
“Beautiful Brugge” by Su Mei Lai
Brugge was one of the very 1st places I ever visited in Europe yet it’s still one of my favorites!
“Beyond the Arch” – Shu Li Hsu
the artist didn’t specify which Italian city inspired this work but take it from me,
it could literally be hundreds of places in Italy!
“Light at the End of the Tunnel” – Becky Ray
inspired by photo of Ferrin’s Knob Tunnel#3 on the Blue Ridge Parkway in North Carolina,
proving that beauty (and great quilt artists can be found even in your own backyard!
“The Beauty of Hallstatt Town” – Yu Lien Tien
All of Austria seems to be full of impossible beauty
“Arches” – by Debi Webb
Having just been at this National Park in September,
I immediately recognized this abstract work as being inspired by The Arches.
“Fabulous Welcome” – by Brigitte Villeneuve w/Diane Boivin
I am SO looking forward to the day I can get back on a cruise ship
and sail away to someplace WONDERFUL!

So… do stay tuned for my next and last post about the 2021 International Quilt Festival when I share the quilts that I thought were the most beautiful at this show, keeping in mind of course that I am NOT qualified to be a quilt judge in any way, shape or form. I do however know what I like and that’s what I’ll share. 🙂

And now, it’s YOUR turn!

Which one of these beauties caught your eye initially? And which one made you want to know more? And remember, we love reading your comments and answering your questions too, so please feel free to leave either or both in the space provided below.

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