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Archive for April 2019

PPC19: A Pocketbook of Posies

So… in our last post we told you that we had only one more sample to create before making the all-important decision about which bag we’ll be placing on the pattern cover and if you’re thinking that this fabric looks familiar… you would be absolutely RIGHT! You might remember that I used this fabric for my original…

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PPC19: Effervescently Yours

So… even though I spent a LOT of time piecing together the sample I showed you in our last post, that amount of time was nothing compared to how long I spent piecing THIS sample together. Now don’t get me wrong, I LOVE a good piecing challenge, but this one took the cake! But here’s the…

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PPC19: Dream Another Dream

So… in our last post I told you that the design aspects for our new pattern for Spring 2019 were pretty much solidified unless we had a “EUREKA” moment or an overwhelming compulsion to change up a particular feature… well, guess what? DO read all the way thru this post to see how one simple O-ring can add…

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