PPC16: The Prototype


in our last post we showed you the sketchwork for our new design for Spring 2017 and promised that we would use the next post in this series to show off the 1st prototype but before we do, there’s a few things I want to remind you about!

First of all– Our prototype gives us an opportunity to determine if the design is viable and functional. It’s during this phase that we decide the order in which to put the pattern pieces together and to make our final determinations about our various features and materials (foundation materials in particular).

Secondly– We rarely make our prototype all the way to completion and we generally use recycled, reclaimed or otherwise “destined-for-the-trash-heap” materials. I know it’s sometimes difficult for you to imagine what’s right about a prototype when it’s so visually unappealing, but that’s why we use the fabrics and supplies that we do at this point.

So, with those disclaimers out of the way… here’s a quick tour!

Here’s the front of the bag and as you can see, I didn’t waste time making a shoulder strap since this bag will never be carried (because who would be caught dead with it, right?) The flap is held in place with a sew-in, invisible magnet.

As you can see, I neglected to apply bias tape to the rim of this pocket, (but I made a mental note to do so before getting this far along next time). And as you can see, this pouch pocket is large enough to comfortably hold my camera with room to spare.

This shot gives you a good overall look at the interior. I used a two-headed zipper for this sample, but I don’t think this is necessary next time. A closed bottom zipper of the appropriate length should work just fine.

I planned for 4 card slots but as you can see there’s only 3 cards in place. (That’s because the bottom slot isn’t deep enough… I’ll fix that for next time too.) And that’s a nice deep slot pocket behind the card area. The only reason you can actually see my passport is because I left it sticking out for effect!  🙂

And the wallet section is versatile. There’s a slot for paper money, and another deep slot pocket behind…deep enough for another passpost, a checkbook (as shown) or maybe some foreign currency. I included a mesh pocket for coins or other small valuables.

And here’s a look at the back of the bag. There’s a slip pocket back here and the bottom corners are cut in to give a bit of extra volume for a bulkier item, such as reading glasses or sun glasses.

And finally, here’s a fun surprise. There’s a convenient, protected storage area in between the front and back of this bag and I think I would enjoy placing my phone here. It’s a close enough fit to keep the phone in place snug & secure, but not so enshrouded that it muffles the sound too much.

So there’s the scoop on this first prototype!

Overall I’m pleased with this sample. I like the size and shape, but obviously there’s some changes that need to be made in the next round. I need to add strap holders (as well as a strap) and there’s some minor adjustments that need to be made to the interior features. Additionally I’m going to try using a 20″ closed bottom zipper in place of the 2-headed purse zipper used in this round. It’ll be cheaper for our customers but should still be just as easy to install. So stay tuned for our next post in this series when we’ll show you what traditionally is known as our “Gorilla” sample!

And now…. it’s YOUR turn!

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