PPC15: Color Me Seuss


in our last post in this series we showed you our new Flaptastic Bag in a sophisticated & elegant neutral palette, but for this sample, (which will most likely be the last we make before we go to press), I decided to choose a collection of fabrics that just says…. FUN, so let’s get started! (I’ll give you all the details about this fabric at the bottom of the post.)

So here’s the front of the bag and of course you’ll instantly see why it was impossible for me to resist this exterior fabric! I’ve actually had this fabric for some time but didn’t want to use it until I found the perfect contrasting fabric to use with it! I found this striped fabric online and wasn’t at all sure it would play well with these cats, but I ordered it anyway. As a matter of fact… even when I took it out of the mailer I STILL wasn’t sure it would play well, but now that I’m done, I’m fairly pleased with the result.

And with such a quirky exterior, how could I have chosen to use any other zipper
than our black & white polkadot zips?

And I especially love the way this striped fabric looks in the credit card section
of the front pocket area. Is this a cool look or what?

And in this photo you get a good look at the front pocket flap
and the zippered entry to the main compartment

Which brings us back to these delectable fabrics and since the lightweight black canvas and the red batik should be a relatively easy “get”, I’ll limit my information to just the cat print and the stripe.

the Multi-colored Cat Fabric– is called “Color Me Cat” from Timeless Treasures.

the Crazy Striped Contrast Fabric– is called “Squiggle Stripe Multi” from the Celebrate Seuss collection for Robert Kaufman Fabrics.

(Bag dimensions= 12″ wide X 9.5″ tall X 4.5″ side width)

And here’s some GREAT news! It’s starting to look like we’ll be able to release this pattern in mid-July!

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  1. Karol on November 20, 2019 at 1:11 pm

    The bag itself looks great. I love the wider strap and have used them before. Just me, but I’m not a fan of flaps. When you open the top to get out your wallet or whatever, it has to go somewhere and, for want of a better word, it ‘falls’ down the back. Shorter ones like the bottom one, get in the way when getting something from the pocket. I have lots of your patterns, but probably won’t purchase this one.

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