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Pattern Specific Questions

Can I make copies of my pattern?

What kind of needles do YOU use?

When will you start offering your patterns in pdf format?

How Difficult are Your Patterns?

Pattern Notches: Should they be cut IN or OUT?  and why…

Why does it take SO LONG to Publish a new pattern?

Which of your patterns would you recommend for a beginner?

Why aren’t there pattern layout instructions in your patterns?

How easy is it to make size alterations to your patterns?

Why are some patterns retired?

What must I do to be a tester for SKDesigns patterns?

Bag/Design Specific Questions

Do you ever sell the bags on your website?

Which bag is YOUR favorite bag design to carry?

What happens to all of your bag samples?

Can I just substitute Soft & Stable for fusible fleece?

Supply Specific Questions

Will your purse magnets damage my credit cards?

What kind of Interfacing do you recommend?

Why don’t you include fabric in your notions kits?

When will you add a new color option to your hardware line?

Why don’t you sell your zippers to distributors?

Can I just substitute the sew-in magnets for the clamp-in style magnets?

Do I really need to use foam stabilizer in my bag?

Why are purse zippers wider, & do I really need to use them?

Website/Social Media Questions

How Can I Qualify for a Discount Coupon?

What do you think when people post reviews about your patterns online?

Questions about the Newsletter

Other Questions

What’s the difference between a wholesale and a retail show?

Why don’t you go out on the teaching circuit?