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Archive for August 2018

PPC18: Inspiration Strikes

So…. prior to revealing the original sketches for my next pattern, (which will actually be a “set of patterns”), I’d like to give you a little background information about where my inspiration for these new designs originated from. For the last few years I’ve been on a mission to find the perfect tech gear tote. Because…

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Eight Ways to Improve your Fussy-Cutting

So… ever since we posted the pictures of our NY Skylines bag sample, we’ve had a LOT of questions about how we go about laying out the pattern pieces for a bag like this. And the truth is… even though this is a question we’ve heard a LOT over the years, it’s probably one of the more…

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Meet the New Boss, Same as the Old Boss

So… a not-so-funny thing happened a few weeks back when I was oh-so-close to being finished with the Sling Along pattern. I was clipping along on a Saturday afternoon, when all of a sudden the thread guide on my sewing machine just…. fell off.  No problem, right? Well it shouldn’t have been anyway. After all,…

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15 Years of StudioKat Designs: 3 Things I’m Proud About

So… in a recent post I told you that 2018 will be our 15th year in business as an independent pattern designer and purveyor of custom zippers & hardware and since I’m grateful to be a entering this big anniversary year as a small business owner, I’ve created a three-part series about the 15-things I’ve…

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