PPC16: The Inspiration


I know it seems like we just released the Flaptastic Bag and even though it really has only been just a few weeks ago since we rolled that pattern out, it’s time for us to start the next cycle of “Purse Pattern Chronicles”!

And the first place I like to start whenever I begin to consider a new pattern design, is to think about my target customer and what type of bag she might be shopping for this year. What features would be most important? What size would be right for her? And what better place to hear this information than by taking the time to listen to the shoppers who visit our booth at retail shows, right?

And here’s what many of our customers say they are shopping for in terms of a new handbag this Fall….

–a relatively small bag that chock-loaded with storage

–a lightweight bag suitable for travel, large enough for essentials,  but small enough to be worn cross-body and secure enough to carry ID, passport and credit cards.

It’s increasingly apparent to us that the large, carry-it-all bags that were so popular 8-10 years ago have been supplanted at least for the foreseeable future by a desire for lighter, more compact and impeccably organized bags.

And that’s  what we intend to design for you in this, the 16th cycle of “Purse Pattern Chronicles”!

So stay tuned…

In the next post in this series we’ll show you the original sketches for our new design which brings me to the most important part of this post and that would be that NOW is the time to let us know what features you just can’t live without so please feel free to leave your suggestions or any other comments you care to make about our next design in the space provided below.

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