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Archive for December 2015

Water Marking Your Photos: the Why & How

So… in our last post we detailed EIGHT ways in which photography can help grow your business, and as we mentioned in that post, there are some very legitimate reasons that online retailers are hesitant to allow their pictures to be shared. Let’s face it, in today’s digital world, it’s easier than ever to steal…

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How Pictures Can Help Your Business GROW

So… I was working on my newsletter (“Kat Bytes“)the other day, and if you’re a subscriber then you know that I always choose a couple of online quilt-related businesses or design studios to highlight every month, and I generally try to include a picture of their logo or some other product image that typifies their…

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Six Tips for Sewing with Pleather

So… one of my favorite fabrics to use for a bag accent area lately… is pleather. I like the texture and excitement that it adds to a project, PLUS I find it to be remarkably resilient under all types of usage. But here’s the thing, I find that MANY people are really loathe to even…

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