Mag Snap Placement- the easy, schmeasy way!


when was the last time someone gave you a suggestion that made so much sense and made life so much easier that all you could say in response was….


Well, in my case, I can tell you EXACTLY when that happened! It was last week! That was when when I got the testing report from Lori Gates of West Henrietta, NY (one of our long-time pattern testers). As it turns out, during the testing round for the Cosmo Convertible, Lori figured out a MUCH easier and quicker way of placing our sew-in magnetic snaps in the correct spot for attachment. I could have just included it in the pattern instructions for the new design, but I’m thinking the rest of you who might be using our magnetic snaps in the Baggalista, the Uptown Saddlebag or the Guardian might want to try this method there as well, so I’m going to upload it here, and will reference this URL for the instructions from now on so we can ALL enjoy this new method!

So here goes….

First, retrieve the pattern piece for the area where you will be placing your magnetic snap. There should be a circular area indicating where it should go. Carefully cut away the paper WITHIN the circular area. (I put this red fabric under the pattern piece so you could more easily see the cut-away area.)
Next, re-place the template on the fabric piece where the snap will be place, carefully aligning the edges. When its secure, trace along the interior edges of the cutout circle to record this shape and position onto your fabric. Use a permanent marker or pen. The tracing marks will eventually be completely hidden by the magnetic snap itself.
Since this particular template was to be placed on the fold of the fabric, now it’s necessary to flip it RSD onto the other half of my fabric to trace the snap location on this side of the fabric as well.
This is how it should look when both sides are traced in place.
Now it just a simple matter of placing your magnetic snap piece directly OVER the circular marking on your fabric. If its placed correctly, you should not be able to see any of your markings peeking out from underneath the magnet edges.
All that’s left to do now, it to pin them in place and stitch around the edges to secure the placement.

So…thanks Lori!

This was a GREAT idea and now it’s YOUR turn!

Do you think this is a installation method you might try out yourself?

And if you liked Lori’s idea, don’t forget to leave her a little love in the comments space provided below!


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