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it seems like I’ve been answering a lot of questions of late about our monthly newsletter, so I thought it might be a good idea to dedicate this particular post to answering some of those questions. After all, I’ m thinking, maybe some of you have been wondering these same things now and again? So, let’s kick it off with the #1 question we get asked about our newsletter, that being…

Why did I stop receiving the newsletter?

There are a number of reasons why you may not be receiving e-mails from StudioKat Designs. Listed below are a few suggestions that might help resolve the problem.

Maintain Your Subscription

If you know you’re changing e-mail addresses, you can update your own e-mail address for our newsletter by following the link “Update email address” found below the opening paragraph and also at the bottom of each newsletter. The link is unique to your e-mail address. If you follow the link, you will be able to update your e-mail address, change your name or even unsubscribe, but we hope you don’t do that!

Check your “Spam” Folder

Often when you don’t receive e-mail you are expecting, the place you will find it is in the “Spam” or “Suspected Spam” folder within your e-mail program. Some providers, (like the one I use for my personal email and for example), do not deliver those messages directly to their customers. Instead, customers have to go out to a special web page and log in to view and take care of those messages and quite honestly, that’s a PAIN! So be sure your provider knows that you want to receive all e-mail from “” so our messages don’t get caught in these folders. (You may need to call them to do this. Tell them you want to “whitelist” our email address.)

Add us to your Address Book

To ensure that you receive the e-newsletters to which you subscribe, be sure to add the following e-mail addresses to your “Approved Sender” list or your “Contacts”:

Maintain Your Mailbox

Many people are not receiving our newsletter because their e-mail Inbox is full. To avoid this problem, empty your “Deleted Items” folder often. And don’t make the mistake some folks do by forgetting to delete messages out of your “Sent items” folder as well.

Spam Filtering

If you use an e-mail provider that offers spam-guard protection which forces folks to first respond by clicking a link and typing in a code (like, please know that our system cannot respond to these requirements. You’ll need to call your ISP and “whitelist” our address or add it to your “Approved sender” list (see above).

Why can’t I see the images?

Outlook, Gmail and other email services automatically disable images to protect you from unknown senders, like spammers, who use images and links to verify that your email address is real. There generally is a a colored box at the top of the message that you can click to download the images if the sender is a trusted source (like us). BUT- another solution is to use the link we ALWAYS provide within out email to view the message in a web browser.

How can I share something in your newsletter with a friend?

We actually love it when you share items in our newsletters with your friends. But rather than wasting time cutting and pasting links and text into an email, there’s a much easier way to do it. If you scroll to the bottom of our newsletter there’s always a very convenient button link as well as a text link that lets you do this with just one click.

Can I receive the newsletter by snail mail?

I know it’s hard to believe, but there still are quite a few people who do not have a home computer or a smart phone by which to receive our newsletter. Even though I wish everyone could enjoy our newsletter in the comfort of their own home, it’s much too cost-prohibitive to send our newsletter out via snail mail. But here’s the deal…most public libraries provide free internet access to their patrons and since we keep a complete archive of our newsletters on our website, you can get caught up in just a few clicks. Just click the newsletter link on our homepage and you’ll see the archive, or just click on this link.

Why don’t you fix the dead links in your old newsletters?

You might not be aware of this, but with our next newsletter (August 2013), we’ll actually be working on our NINTH full year of writing monthly newletters. YIKES! That’s 108 newsletters in the bank! And since our newsletters average of over 100 links and pictures per issue, that’s over 10,000 sites and pictures to check on and keep current and that would be incredibly labor-intensive. If we spent our time keeping all these links and pictures current, then we might not ever publish another pattern! Therefore, we keep the archive on our site for your convenience, but can’t promise that you won’t come across a dead link or two. (so sorry!)

And finally…

Why doesn’t your newsletter have a name?

Actually, you might be surprised how often we’re asked this and there would be some notable advantages  to having a catchy name for our newsletter. Here’s a few interesting names for some of the newsletters I’ve read recently…

NC Wildlife Federation:   Wildlife Wire
NC Zoo:   Zmail Update
Center for EcoTechnology:   EcoBytes
Travel + Leisure Golf Club:   Tee Times
Hosteling International USA:   Travel Bytes

So how about it?

Do YOU think our newsletter needs a name?

And just in case you aren’t already on our email newsletter list, you can sign up by clicking HERE!

So… if you have a name to suggest for our newsletter, please feel free to place it in the comments section below and if you have other questions about newsletters in general or our newsletter in particular, you can leave those questions there as well!

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