Soft & Stable by Annie


This new and revolutionary foundation material is PURRfect for bag making and now we sell it cut PURRfectly for most of our bags!

Size B: (14.5″ X 36″) purrfect for our Uptown Saddlebag & OutBreaker
Size C: (10″ X 36″) purrfect for the Guardian, Sling Along, Packlets, Bangle Buddie, Gateway & Elsie K Baglet & Gemini Flightbag
Size D: (12″ X 26″) purrfect for the Side Slinger, Wrapsody, HipBag Hybrid, GoGo Compact, Everyday Attache & ErgoMatic, Katalina & Double Take
Size E: (27.5″ X 24″) purrfect for the Triple Play, Flaptastic and Porta-Pockets PLUS
Size F:  (9″ X 10″) purrfect for the Walkabout Wallet
Size G: (19″ X 21″) purrfect for the Bella BiFold
Size H: (10″ X 24″) purrfect for the Tandem DayPack



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