Welcome to our Newsletter List! "Kat Bytes" and "Kat Bits"

Well first of all, our newsletters are NOT your average boring infomercial-type of publication! Their actually two completely different entities with a personality all their own. Maybe the best way to show you the difference between these two publications is by SHOWING you an example of each!!

Kat Bytes (since July of 2005) is a monthly newsletter and generally is released on or about the 15th of each month. It more business oriented and very image-driven including my favorite customer-made handbags from the previous month, links to our recent writings, behind the scenes look at what I'm creating at the moment as well links to what's happening in the world of sewing, technology and of course.... cats!

Click HERE for a sample of Kat Bytes

Kat Bits (new in Oct 2020) is a shorter, more personal publication and will be generally released on or about the 30th of each month. I see it as being more link-driven and would include subjects I've been reading or thinking about over the past month.

Click HERE for a sample of Kat Bits

Of course they BOTH will include discount codes and insider information, but even more important than that, it's my hope that after reading either one of our newsletters, that you come away feeling that your day just got a little bit brighter!

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