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A quilt with a cat and sunflowers on it.

MAQF ’23: the Quilts

So... Are you ready to see my favorite quilts from the Mid-Atlantic Quilt Festival for 2023? Before I show them ...
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A table with a variety of purses and bags on it.

MAQF 2023: the Recap

So... with the 2023 version of the Mid-Atlantic Quilt Festival in our rear view mirror, it's time for the requisite ...
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A collage of pictures of women with purses.

MAQF 2023: Seen at Show

Even though I've been in business for 19 years now, I still get a big kick out of seeing our ...
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The year 2023 is shown on a white background.

Our Goals for 2023

So... 2022 was definitely a rebound year for us. Following the debacle "formally known as the Road to California Show", ...
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An older woman standing in front of a display of fabric.

2022: A year of Firsts & Lasts

After we ended 2021 on such a high note... (with the best International Quilt Festival we've ever had), we marched ...
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A collage of pictures of older women with purses.

Houston ’22- Seen at Show

So... even though I've been in business for close to 19 years now, I still get a big kick out ...
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A painting of sunflowers on a fence.

Houston’22- the “Art Quilts”

So... in our last Houston post I showed you a spectacular group of miniature quilts (which is actually my favorite ...
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A purple quilt with a ribbon on it.

Houston ’22 Quilts: the Miniatures

So... after years of attending quilt shows, I find that its the "miniatures" and the "art quilts" that I find ...
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Two pictures of a booth with a lot of decorations.

Quilt Market & Festival ’22: the Shows in Review

So... now that the 2022 Quilt Market & Festival are in our "rearview mirror", it's time to review both the ...
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An american airlines airplane flying through the clouds.

Houston 2022: the Set Up

So... Here's a little riddle for you... "There's one really BIG change that's going to take place for us this ...
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