Meet the Creative Genius Behind Studio Kat Designs

About Me

21 Things You Might Not Know About Me

1. I make pizza EVERY Sunday night… without fail.
2. I have no patience with people who are late.
3. I’m not much of a cook, but I’ve been told by many that my chocolate chip cookies are to die for.
4. I’m one of the original ‘Young & Restless’ fans. I’ve been watching it since college.
5. I’m not a morning person. As a matter of fact I do my best work after lunch, or better yet, after supper.
6. I have chronic allergies & cats of all things are one of the things I am MOST allergic to.
7. I love the smell of coffee, but as hard as I’ve tried to like it, I can’t stand the taste.
8. I’m a Project Runway junkie- can’t get enough!
9. I have a pathological fear of falling.
10. I’m a die-hard Yankees fan. Even named my cats Jeter & Joba after two of my favorite players. If I can talk the hubster into a third cat, I’ll name him Mo!
11. I once had a hamster that was so tame that I carried him most everywhere I went in the pocket of my coat. and nope… most of the time, my mom didn't know.
12. My all-time favorite movie is ‘Lord of the Rings’… it’s also my favorite book.
13. I don’t use condiments of ANY kind, BUT, I’ve gotta have my salt!
14. I’m terrified of spiders… I mean “scream-your-guts-out” scared of spiders.
15. I was an AAU-level swimmer as a kid & won the 16 & under freestyle title for the state of Connecticut as a 14 year old.
16. I’ve never mowed a lawn… ever.
17. I tore the ACL in my right knee playing powder-puff football, & the one in my left knee trying to beat out a bunt to 1st base… then I hung up my cleats.
18. I’ve made very few clothing items that I really enjoy wearing. There’s always fitting issues that I just can’t seem to fix.
19. I prefer my chocolate dark, my bacon crispy, my popcorn buttered and my tea hot.
20. I’m an obsessive list maker… I even saved many of them on my hard drive for future use.
21. My idea of a perfect day is any day I get to see my grandchildren. The more time I get to spend with them, the better!


Payment Methods

We accept all major credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express & Discover), and PayPal. For phone-in orders, we are pleased to accept major credit cards for payment.

You may use personal or business checks for mail-in orders. We do not accept money orders. For International Orders, please use credit cards only, NO checks. Returned checks are subject to a $30 administrative fee. Please note that personal & payment information received by phone is not archived for future use. Personal info is destroyed immediately following the completed transaction (unless you set up an account on our website) and you will receive no further contact from us unless you sign up for our mailing list.

 1-336-416-1799 or call toll-free 1-866-409-8634 —

Information about the fabrics we’ve used in our samples?

One of the most common questions we hear involves the fabrics we have used in the various samples shown on our website, and we are only too happy to share this information! And here’s the thing… with very few exceptions, we write a blog post about every single sample we make and display on our website, and at the end of each of these posts, we routinely share as much information as we can about the fabrics we have chosen! This means that’s its really EASY for you to gain access to this info using the following procedure:

1. Locate the search bar in the right-hand column of ALL of our web pages (except the homepage).
2. Using the chart below, enter the code for the particular pattern design displaying the fabric you are interested in.
3. The page that comes up will include every single post we wrote during the run-up to the release of that pattern, which will include every single bag displayed on the web page for that pattern. When you find the post showing the fabric you’re interested in, just scroll to the end of the post and the info you seek will be listed there.


PPC1= Lollapalooza
PPC2= DittyRoo
PPC3= Quattro
PPC4= Baggalista
PPC5= PortaPocketsPLUS
PPC6= Uptown Saddlebag
PPC7= Guardian

PPC8= Cosmo Convertible
PPC9= Wrapsody
PPC10= HipBag Hybrid
PPC11= Triple Play
PPC12= Walksabout Wallet
PPC13= Everyday Attache

PPC14= Festival Pocket Belt
PPC15= Flaptastic
PPC16= Go-Go Compact
PPC17= Sling Along
PPC18= Packlets
PPC19= Bangle Buddie

What is included in your pattern package?

Each pattern package comes complete with a meticulously written set of instructions, accompanied by MANY drawings and illustrations. There is also a complete set of pattern templates which you can use as is. You will NOT have to draw your own templates from a confusing set of instructions. Who has time for that? You’ll also find a complete supply list along with fabric suggestions and ideas for embellishment. A StudioKat Designs pattern is written for the woman on the go, who only has a limited amount of time to devote to herself, and wants to make the most of it.

Delivery Time

Orders placed with a credit card or PayPal will be shipped within two business days of receipt (usually the same day the order is received). Orders placed with a check (U.S. funds only, please) may be shipped once funds have cleared. International orders must be placed with a credit card or PayPal. Returned checks are subject to a $30 administrative fee.

For our International Customers: We are happy to ship to our customers WORLDWIDE. We have resumed shipping to all International locations with the exception of the United Kingdome and that is because they have required that we now collect VAT charges for them and then mail these funds to them regularly. We regret to discontinue this service to the UK because we have so many loyal customers there, but we cannot deal with these additional requirements. 

We’ll choose the best method available to us given the size and weight of the package. It is your responsibility to double check the shipping address and inform us of any changes that need to be made to the address you've provided us via email ( ASAP after ordering. All we can do is utilize the address we've been given. 

If you need overnight shipping or some other type of another type of special shipping, those options are available for an additional charge, but please call us PRIOR to placing your order so that those arrangements can be made.

Ordering Methods

No matter how you like to shop, placing your order with StudioKat Designs is easy! Although we use a secure server to protect your personal information, we understand that not every customer is comfortable using a credit card online. You can also order by phone, or you can mail or scan/email your order into us.

Order by phone: Call our convenient toll-free phone number 1-866-409-8634.

Order by mail: Simply fill out our order form and sent it to us at the address printed on the order form. Don’t forget to include payment so we can quickly process your order.

Click HERE to download an Order Form

IMPORTANT: Please do not submit your order or any personal information, especially credit card information, via email. Email is often not secure and your data can be exposed or intercepted easier than you may think.

How to Order Online

Our online orders are facilitated by a payment processor. Once your order has been processed we will be notified of the sale and will fulfill your order. The shipping charges and total order amount will be posted when you reach the checkout pages, but PRIOR to submitting your order. If you have a discount coupon code, there is also a box provided here, where you can type in the code, receive your discount and then enter your payment information and billing address. Please check your information carefully, before submitting your order. (We cannot be held responsible for shipments that go awry due to inaccurate mailing addresses or misspelled names) You’ll receive your order number via a confirmation email.

Returns & Exchanges

Please contact me prior to returning merchandise. Items may be returned only when done so promptly and in re-sellable condition, as determined by StudioKat Designs. (Used items may not be returned) Shipping charges are not refundable. Applicable processing credit card fees are also not refundable.

For our International customers- Please note: ALL VAT & customs charges are the responsibility of the customer. Please use due diligence and research your local VAT policies PRIOR to placing your order as we do not provide refunds of any kind for any portion of packages/parcels that are refused for lack of payment of these border fees. 

Can I sell items that I make from your patterns?

The home sewist may sell items made from my patterns to friends, family, at craft fairs or online. Large scale manufacturing is not permitted.

Can I share the pattern that I bought with friends or with my quilt guild members?

Any patterns you have purchased are for personal use only. You may not redistribute, sell, or reproduce the pattern for anyone else – this is a violation of copyright law. You may be trying to be helpful by making copies for all of the ladies at your quilt guild, but I write patterns as a way of supporting my family. If you have a friend that is interested in one of my patterns, I would be grateful if you would direct them to my website! I do offer a few free patterns or reduced-price patterns videos, if a purchase is not in the budget right now. Thank you for respecting copyright law, your support will allow me to create many more patterns!

I am working on a pattern and I’m stuck?

I am happy to help with any questions! Please email me at, or call me at 1-866-409-8634 (it’s toll-free). Please do NOT use Facebook as a means of contacting me. I rarely check that platform for messages.

If it’s the weekend, the middle of the night, or you get a message that I’m out of town and you need a quick answer to a question regarding a pattern, might I suggest posting your question on the StudioKat Designs Facebook Group page– there are LOTS of very helpful members there from time zones all over the world! You’ll need to first join the group (HERE) and then ask your question!

Can I just buy the pattern I want via pdf download?

Right now we do not offer our full-sized bag patterns in pdf format. I understand that pdf pattern offer a great deal of convenience, but the truth is that option is just not a good one for our business model. Offering patterns by pdf is really not a one-size fits all option as many people think.

Having said that, rest assured that we bend over backwards to ship our orders out as quickly and as inexpensively as possible and I think you’ll be pleased with our patterns as they are presented to you in hardcopy format.