September 2020 Eye Candy

It’s time for your monthly treat for the eyes & here’s the deal…We actually could have called this month’s post an “ALL SLING MONTH”! That’s because ALL of the bags pictured below are either Sling Along‘s or Side Slinger‘s which is incredibly unusual but also kinda weird!

Off-hand I don’t think this has ever happened before but I think you’ll still agree that there’s some seriously amazing bags in this collection and you’ll have a hard time deciding which one is your favorite!

So let’s get started!

LaBreeska Harris said that she is SO in love with the Sling Along pattern and this particular sample that she’s actually sorry that it’s sold. It’s hard to believe that she hasn’t made one for herself yet.

And Linda Collin‘s assistant clearly approves of her Side Slinger and no wonder! Linda said she LOVES the way this bag fits against her body. She added that she can barely feel it, the strap is BEYOND comfortable and that she’ll definitely be making more of these!

Cheryl Suitt made stunning “back to black” Side Slinger for her son. She said she used “Cordura” for this bag which is great for guys since it’s water & wear resistant which is great for men, but that it presented a few construction challenges. She’s really pleased with the results though and so am I!

This amazing Side Slinger was made by Barb Flowers who said that she loves how it came out and will be proud to carry it! Barb used cork fabric for he entire exterior and added that she enjoyed working with it!

So there you have it!

These are the bags I thought best qualified as “Eye Candy” during the month of September 2020. I hope you enjoyed seeing them as much as I did and if you’d like to join our new FaceBook group page to see these types of posts and SO much more, just click HERE. And remember, we love reading your comments and answering your questions too, so please feel free to leave either or both in the space provided below.