NEW for Road to California 2019!


we’ve got some BIG changes coming up for the 2019 Road to California Quilter’s Conference this month! Now I know you’re probably thinking… “Why on earth would you change anything about your booth after how FANTASTIC the shows in Houston were in November?”  And you know what? Normally I’d say you were right, we shouldn’t be changing ANYTHING, but it turns out that Road2Ca presents us with a 6 inch problem!

Interested in finding out more?  With that lead-in, who wouldn’t be? Right?

Every show we vend at provides us with either a 6ft or an 8ft long table (our choice), which means that we either need to rent or supply any other table we might require for our display. This is where the 6″ comes into play… We always choose an 8 ft table which is generally 24″ wide, except for… you guessed it, the Road to California show where the tables are always 30″ wide, or 6″ wider.
Now, this wouldn’t have presented a problem for us had we been able to bring all the same tables that we used in our Houston display (above), but as you can see, our front table in Houston was 6ft long, by 18″ wide. But here’s the deal… as we told you in a previous post, we’ll be using a FedEx freight box to ship our supplies this time which means ALL of the tables we bring to California MUST fold in half in order to fit into the box & this 6ft X 18″ table does NOT. Additionally, the only 6ft tables I’ve managed to find that DO fold in half are 30″ wide which is a problem. For this reason I had to rearrange our booth… AGAIN!!! Let me show you, below!

Since I could no longer use a 6 ft table, I had a really hard time figuring out how to arrange the tables so that I’d have enough linear footage for all of our hardware, bags AND zippers! Finally, I decided to push the 8ft table forward, leaving a ~24″ opening between the end of the table and the back curtained wall which I figured could be used as our booth entrance. But that presented yet another problem. With that 8ft table occupying 30″ of the possible 120″ of booth frontage (see blue arrow above), this only left me with 90″ to work with & what combination of tables could I possibly find to fill this space, especially since I really do need every bit of that 90″ in order to properly display ALL of our products!

It was pretty hard to find a combination of tables that could ALSO be folded in order to fit into that FedEx freight box but after a LONG search I FINALLY found a 40″ table that would be an almost perfect match with the 4ft folding table we already had.  It was only 20″ wide (as opposed to the normal 24″) but that won’t be a problem at all as long as we use it for our zipper display which only requires 15″ of width.

So… this will make our booth look & function a LOT differently! Will we like it? Only time will tell, but you never know… we may actually find we like this BETTER! Off hand I’m thinking that the hardest thing to get used to might be the booth entrance being located at the back of the booth instead of right next to our sales area where its been for YEARS, but stay tuned. I’ll try to do a few live video broadcasts from the Road2Ca floor while we’re there, and of course I’ll give you a complete report upon our return. And of course, if you’re anywhere in the vicinity of southern California we’d LOVE for you to stop by & see it for yourself!

In the meantime….

I’d love to know if you have any comments or questions about this new arrangement. If so, please feel free to leave either or both in the space provided below.


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