Ask Kat: Which Bag is YOUR Favorite to Carry

(This post is part of a new series we’ve started in an attempt to publicly answer some of the mostly commonly asked questions we receive.)

So… I was talking with a customer the other day (Donna P), and she asked me a question I’ve been asked MANY time before…

“Which of your bags is YOUR favorite to carry?”

And since my answer to this question has remained the same for many years now, I thought it was a good question to feature in this new “Ask Kat” Blog segment.”

Well…. here it is!  (at left)  Yeah, I know. This particular Boho Baguette isn’t really anything spectacular to look at, but remember, it was just one of my very early test samples, and I never use my best fabrics at that stage of the game.

But here’s the deal, even though I always carry one of my new designs for a few weeks to evaluate it, the bag I generally go back to when the test run is over, is this trusty Boho!

So… What do I love about it?

  1. It’s totally comfortable to carry. It feels good on my shoulder and against my body.
  2. I LOVE the open top access. It’s easy to find things in the grocery store, while driving or when I’m walking up to my car.
  3. It easily accomodates either the small Porta-Pockets Purse Insert, or even the Basic+Thin Porta-PocketsPLUS combo.
  4. It always looks good… whether I’m carrying it, or whether I’ve slung it across a chair, or if I dropped it at the door after coming home.

BUT- There is one time that my “go-to-bag” is NOT the Boho Baguette, and that’s when I’m traveling. For trips, particularly of the overseas variety, I like to carry a bag with a zippered top and more specific pocketed areas for items like my phone, camera, passport etc. and for me, the Baggalista (at right) fits the bill perfectly! So… Do YOU have a “go-to-bag”? 

If so, tell us what there is about that bag that keep you coming back for MORE! We LOVE comments (and questions too),
so please feel free to leave them in the space provided below. *********************

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