It’s time for your monthly treat for the eyes! ALL of the bags pictured below were created using our patterns & either shared on our FaceBook Group page, or mailed to us directly!

But here’s the deal… there are some seriously amazing bags in this collection and I think you’ll have a hard time deciding which one is your favorite!

So let’s get started!

Now here’s a Triple Play with a truly UNIQUE combination of fabrics and they totally work together, Nancy Rosa did a great job on this bag and it would be a blast to carry it!

And as much as Cheryl Suitt LOVES creating new Go-Go Compacts… she decided to venture out of her comfort zone and try her hand at our new Side Slinger pattern, with a very beautiful (and Egyptian) result!

Debbie McDonald said that she generally does not use her favorite fabrics when she’s trying out a new pattern, but that even so, she REALLY likes how her new Side Slinger turned out!

So there you have it!

These are the bags I thought best qualified as “Eye Candy” during the month of August 2020. I hope you enjoyed seeing them as much as I did and if you’d like to join our new FaceBook group page to see these types of posts and SO much more, just click HERE. And remember, we love reading your comments and answering your questions too, so please feel free to leave either or both in the space provided below.