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Archive for September 2017

Can Sew-in Magnets be Substituted for Clamp-in Magnets

3/4″ invisible sew-in magnetic snaps (1 matched set per pkg) So… we’ve been hearing this question more and more of late since our invisible sew-in magnets are getting more and more popular, and since it’s a bit tough to explain over the phone or in an email, I thought it might be a good idea…

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PPC16: The Gorilla Test

So… in our last post I showed you the 1st prototype for our new design for Spring 2017 and in today’s post I’m ready to start carrying the “Gorilla” sample for this new design to ascertain how it actually functions and serves my needs! And by the way, can you even believe that here we are… in…

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PPC16: The Prototype

So… in our last post we showed you the sketchwork for our new design for Spring 2017 and promised that we would use the next post in this series to show off the 1st prototype but before we do, there’s a few things I want to remind you about! First of all– Our prototype gives us an…

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PPC16: The Sketches

So… in our last post we told you all about the inspiration behind what will eventually be our new design for Spring 2018, and now I’d like to show you our original “sketchwork” because I’d love to get some feedback from YOU! First– the Exterior My vision for this bag is to make it highly organized and…

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