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Archive for July 2017

PPC15: Testing Results

Well… we must be in the homestretch now! Because it’s that time again! It’s time to show you what our testers created in the process of testing our pattern instructions! Many of you know that one of my favorite parts of the pattern development process is the testing round. I just LOVE seeing what our testers…

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PPC15: The Flaptastic Release

So… in our last post in this series we revealed the completed pattern cover for our new pattern for Fall 2017, the Flaptastic Bag, and while it’s been a lot of fun, we’re closing the book as of today on this… the 15th edition of Purse Pattern Chronicles! The Flaptastic Bag webpage is LIVE now and you can get more…

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PPC15: The Flaptastic Pattern Cover Revealed

So… in our last post we had a little fun letting YOU be the designer and choosing which of our bag samples YOU would choose to grace the pattern cover for our new design for Fall 2017, the Flaptastic Bag. Thanks to everyone who participated! I always enjoy hearing about which bag my customers would choose and I…

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PPC15: Choosing the Flaptastic Cover Model

So… There’s a couple of things I always look forward to once a new design is pretty much set and one of them is choosing the ONE bag sample that best represents that design for the pattern cover! I like thinking about which of our samples would most appeal to our customers… which one would…

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PPC15: Color Me Seuss

So…. in our last post in this series we showed you our new Flaptastic Bag in a sophisticated & elegant neutral palette, but for this sample, (which will most likely be the last we make before we go to press), I decided to choose a collection of fabrics that just says…. FUN, so let’s get started! (I’ll give you all the…

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