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Archive for December 2014

Our Goals for 2015

So… in our last post in this series, we discussed some of the things that worked well for us in 2014, as well as some of the things that didn’t quite go as we had hoped. And so now, with our 2014 assessment completed, I’m ready to detail our goals for 2015. 1) Our Show…

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2014: What Worked and What Didn’t

So… as 2014 draws to a close, it’s time for us to sit down and do a long, hard assessment of what we did right over the course of the last 12 months, as well at what didn’t work out quite as good as we had hoped. You know what they say, those who do…

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Eight Reasons to Make Your own Bias Tape

(I get so many questions about bias tape… how do I make it, how do I get such a smooth finish etc. etc., so I thought it was LONG PAST time that I did a series devoted to bias-taping so…here’s the 1st in a three-post mini-series.) I can’t remember the last time I used store-bought…

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JoAnn’s Revisited

Way back in March of 2011, I wrote what has turned out to be a VERY popular post, SO popular in fact that not only did it receive the most views AND the most comments in 2011, it has continued to get the most views and the most comments every year since!!!  And not only…

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Help! There’s a Gorilla in My Booth!

So… Years ago, Samsonite had an ad campaign involving a gorilla. The ad implied that airport luggage attendants were extremely rough on luggage (imagine that!) and that the only luggage that would in fact hold up to this deliberate mistreatment was Samsonite luggage. Enter the aforementioned gorilla, playing the role of the luggage attendant in…

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