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Archive for May 2014

Ask Kat: About Pattern Layout Instructions

So… sometimes folks question us as to why we do not include any layout directions in our pattern package. There have even been a few individuals who have called us (in an agitated state I might add) because they were distressed that they had too many pattern pieces that were designated to be placed on…

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Ask Kat: Do You Ever have a Sample Sale

So… As you might imagine, we get inquiries about selling our handbag samples on a regular basis. So I thought maybe it was time to finally address this question in this public forum. And here’s the thing… even though selling off our handbags is something I NEVER enjoy doing, its a little known fact that we do…

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Ask Kat: Will Purse Magnets Damage My Credit Cards?

So… this is a common concern for many of our customers. After all, there’s quite a bit of misinformation circulating about the circumstances under which magnets can scramble the magnetic strip on credit cards, but you know what? I’ve been using magnetic closures in bags for years now and never EVER had a problem with a demagnetized credit card or hotel key, I’ve always…

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Ask Kat: How Do I Get Discount Coupons

So… it seems like hardly a day goes by anymore that I don’t get an email from someone inquiring as to how they can gain access to a discount coupon? This is the typical scenario… They’re almost always visiting our website for the very first time. They’ve placed something in their shopping cart and then clicked…

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Add a Cross-Body Strap?… It’s EASY!

So… we recently started a new edition of Purse Pattern Chronicles, and if you’re not familiar with that series, we like to encourage readers to suggest features they’d like to see included in the design. One suggestion that has repetitively been suggested is… a cross-body strap option. But you know what? This suggestion is always a little surprising…

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